• Maven's Adventures at RoundTop

    The Original Round Top Antiques Fair celebrated its 49th year of showcasing one-of-a-kind antiques, furniture, and the most unusual exposition in the world. And guess who was there? The Head Mavens at Maven were not missing this. We took to the road last week for Round Top, TX. The Spring Antique Fair is easily one of the best antique shows in the nation. We came, we saw, we shopped! Here is our full account of travels and adventures of a weekend well spent.

    Wednesday morning, 8am: HIT THE ROAD.

    The drive from Fort Worth, TX to Round Top takes approximately four hours. We left bright and early, saying our goodbyes to Maven as we pulled away. We knew the store was being left in good hands. We also knew that the store was in desperate need of more furniture. It seems that everyone and their mother wanted a new coffee table last month. Our biggest focus was finding unique and exceptional pieces. Lately I am having a hard time unearthing something special, something that not everyone else has. My primary job at Maven is to cultivate this unique look for my clients and customers. That can be really challenging when everyone is shopping at the same places. I needed additional access to atypical articles and this was the perfect place to find it.

    Wednesday, 3pm: WE’RE HERE!

    When we arrived, we checked into our rooms at Black Bird Farms, the cutest little bed and breakfast in Fayetteville, TX, located about twenty minutes from the grounds at RoundTop.


     First on our agenda was to make the agenda; getting a game plan ready for the weekend ahead of us was very important. It can be an overwhelming event. You could stay for three weeks and probably not see everything. There are four different venues that feature some of the coolest and eclectic antiques available to mankind. There is the Big Red Barn, the Big Red Barn Tent, The Continental Tent, and Carmine Dance Hall. We wanted to concentrate on rugs, pillows, and bedding for our first day. Funky designs, bright colors, and patterns were our focus.

     We went to bed early, getting ourselves hyped up for a big weekend.

    Thursday, 8am: DAY ONE

    Waking up early, we dressed for battle. Cash and credit cards were our weapons of choice. It was a beautiful day for salvage shopping. We spent most of this day looking at bedding. Our finds ranged from poufs to pillows. So many cute and wonderful things were found this day!




    Thursday, 2pm: LUNCHBREAK

    We ate at this great place called Los Petronas for most of our meals. You can’t go wrong with Mexican food. We needed our fuel for the remainder of the day. The best thing we saw on our first full day had to be the rugs. Their beautiful array of carpets was one that I will never forget.


     Friday, 8am: HERE WE GO AGAIN, DAY TWO

    Up and at em, bright and early! We had a successful day one that completely rocked our worlds. We were not prepared for what Day 2 had in store. Today’s main efforts were finding vintage treasures. My favorite thing we found that day were the Matisse prints. They were featured in a museum exhibition. They were practically yanked off the store’s walls when we returned! A customer bought them for her daughter’s personal art collection. We purchased six of them, and have two left! I’m so happy they went to a good home, but was sad to see them leave.


    Friday, 2pm: WE TIRED

    Whoever invented naps was the best person ever. We really were dragging by the end of this day. Allergies and weather elements were plaguing us, but we kept marching onward. We had antiques to acquire and art to attain.


    Other things we uncovered that day were these adorable plush animal heads.


    I love these so much! They are super whimsical and a fur friendly alternative to having animal heads mounted in your home.


     Saturday, 8am: LAST DAY 

    The last day, our final hours, super intense. Big items were our mission, and we up to this task. The large antique table from Paris we found would make a perfect addition to a great hall. Made in the 1800s, I can only imagine that it once sat in a huge farmhouse and helped to feed a large family. I love the fact that this table has been around longer than me. It makes me feel like a part of something, and that maybe someday someone will be using my furniture, wondering who used it previously.

     We also acquired these amazing high green chairs. Jade, kelly green, emerald; all shades of green make me happy. These particular chairs are a bright chartreuse, and can be seen in our front window, along with a beautiful dining table. Impressively, it is made from a single slab of a massive Blue Atlas Cedar tree. I already have offers on it, so make sure to check it out before it is gone.



    Saturday, 12pm: WHAT A TRIP

    After FOUR HOURS of loading up our trailer, we hit the road for Fort Worth. We looked like Ma and Pa Kettle, setting out on the Oregon Trail with our wagon full of goods. It was such a successful and rewarding expedition. As fun as it was, we were grateful to be heading back to the beautiful Fort Worth, TX.


    Saturday, 4pm: NO PLACE LIKE HOME

    Antiques, knick-knacks, trinkets, baubles, and tchotchkes, it all was so amazing to see and shop for, but my favorite part about RoundTop has to be the history of everything. Every item has a past that is entirely unique to it. It makes me so happy to know that everything we purchased had been repurposed and salvaged to make an interesting and distinctive object with a story. The coffee table that I sell to a family in Fort Worth might have been used in another home fifty years ago! It just excites me that instead of buying something new, we can find an eclectic and awesome piece of furniture that would have ended up in a landfill somewhere. I love giving new life to old things. It’s like a history lesson in the form of functionality.

     At RoundTop you have a little bit of everything. There are the fancy venues with the breakables, and then you trudge through the tents in a muddy field to find the perfect hutch for your dining room. It is always exciting, always fulfilling and I can’t wait to go back this fall. Who knows what we will find or experience next time?


    Posted by Rita Wasson