• Spring has sprung at Maven!


    That’s right, it's that season again, the one after Winter and before Summer, in which flowers begin to bloom, the sun begins to shine warmly again, and the whole world seems to spring into life, and change is in the air. Everyone has a favorite season and spring just happens to be mine.

    Here are a few of my reasons why.

    I love the changes that come with spring, the warmer weather, and the frequent rain, it’s such a beautiful time of the year, and it allows for a refresh! Whether it be your home or your garden, there are several fun ways to change things up for the spring!

     One way I like to get re-energized and ready for spring is Spring forward cleaning, spring allows for the chance to de-clutter and make room for this season’s new trends.


    Trend 1: Palette shift. this spring we’ve begun to see more natural colors mixing into a brightly colored palette like mustard yellows and muted blues, or yellow-greens and hazelnut beiges. 


    Trend 2: Au Naturel. The switch in seasons calls for a shift from the copper and rose gold trend, to more natural finishes, try opting for wood, or stone

    try complimenting them with wild violets, foggy greens, and bursts of colors you see in springtime flowers like pale yellows, and beaming purples.

    I love Spring flowers!

    I love putting flowers in my house in the springtime! Tulips are my favorite, because of all of the different colors and varieties they're so easy to place around my home.


    Trend 2: Chartreuse: With chartreuse being the color of the season it isn’t hard to figure out why we have been seeing more items that are this color, but when you see something printed in neon green, it doesn’t seem natural, until you notice the vibrantly green leaves of trees just coming into bloom. Using specific pieces to incorporate chartreuse into your house, instead of several in the same room will brighten up your home for spring instantly


    For a more muted green opt for Roost’s succulent candles, that are in store right now.



    Last and most importantly Eating outside!

    Trend 3: Fresh take on your patio.

    The best thing about spring is spending time outside. Sunday brunch on the patio, or dinner at night when you can fire up the grill, and everyone comes over. The kind of meal where we aren’t required to go back inside afterwards, and instead are able to enjoy each other's company.

     This spring try updating seating outside for the spring by mixing fun patterns together to update your patio 


    also check out our new patio furniture line, summer classics, perfect for your outdoor living space.

    Yes, Spring is the time of change, but not all changes have to be instant, there are several ways to get ready for all of the fun, and time spent with family and friends this spring. So invite spring into your home with Maven!






    Posted by Maddi Compton
  • Get Cozy at Maven

    Cold weather lovers rejoice! It seems as though the scorching hot days of summer are officially over for another year as we mosey on into autumn.



    Fall is my favorite time of year. It is a transformation of sorts. Autumn shows us how beautiful it can be to let things go. There is a great quote from The Great Gatsby that states: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”


    These words resonate with me because I am always looking for the chance of renewal. There is something so therapeutic about cleaning out your stuff, purging all the things you don’t use or don’t need. I know I am definitely in the minority but I really enjoy cleaning out closets! It feels good to donate items to people who really need them, and it de-clutters my space, and ultimately my life.


    Of course the upside of getting rid of old stuff is that you will need to replace it with the new! That’s where Maven comes in. As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to start preparing for chilly nights with warm blankets and soft, luscious pillows. It’s time to transition from summer to autumn, and these are some pieces we love and recommend for making this adjustment successful.



    Velvets are easily the most sumptuous fabric known to man. Square Feathers, one of my favorite lines we carry in the store and online, has so many great options for incorporating velvet into your design style. Perfect as bedroom decorative pillows or as couch cushions for a night spent at home, lazing luxuriously on lounges.


    The Ming Birch pillow, shown here in black and emerald, is effortlessly modern as it updates the classic stripe pattern into a contemporary elegant pillow. With several color options and sizes available, you can cater this cushion to fit your style, and add a pop of color anywhere!



    But if one stripe of velvet isn’t enough, Square Feathers also makes a luscious Vintage Velvet pillow, shown here in a deep purple and blush. Several color choices and sizes are accessible. This pretty pillow features velvet covers that are soft and luxurious to the touch. Each pillow is filled with down that provides enough support for your head as you relax.



    Man cannot cuddle with pillows alone. Throw blankets are essential for warming up cool nights and breezy mornings. They bring style and comfort to your armchair or bed. Pine Cone Hill has a wide selection of throw blankets that help you achieve maximum coziness for fall. The Cozy Knit Linen Throw, made of 100% cotton, comes in ten color options, making it easy to coordinate with any room.




    Another warm and comfy throw from Pine Cone Hill is the classic Selke Fleece Throw. These throws are made with microfiber knitting and a polishing technique for the ultimate coziness factor, perfect for snuggling or afternoon naps. These are easily the softest throw blankets I've ever encountered. Available in seventeen different color choices, you’re sure to find one to fit your style!






    There’s nothing better than crawling into bed at the end of a long day, especially if your bedding is as inviting and comfortable as PomPom at Home’s Brussels Coverlet. Offered in seven different soft, stone washed colors, this sophisticated line has a diamond-quilted pattern on the front and is made of 100% stone washed cotton velvet.




    Our cozy collection wouldn’t be complete without a fur throw (faux of course!) Soft and lush with the perfect amount of sumptuous fluff, the Pom Pom at Home Eva throw blanket offers tempting texture to sofas and seats in sumptuous faux fur. This luxurious layer proves essential in a neutral sand hue or bright winter white.



    Whether you’re the first one in the kitchen preparing pumpkin-inspired dishes at the mere mention of autumn, or still in denial about having to put away your flip-flops and swimsuit for another year, there’s no doubt that the changing season is upon us.


    It’s time to discover which part of yourself you’d like to embrace and expand upon, and which parts of your summer skin you’d like to shed. Here at Maven, we say bring on those turning leaves, cozy sweaters and that nostalgic chill!


    Happy Fall y’all!


    Posted by Rita Wasson
  • Springtime At Maven

    It’s spring again! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s time to redecorate your house. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, cleaning out the old and embracing the new. It signifies the start of something, the springtime of one’s life or love, a flourishing stage of development.


     To keep with the theme of new beginnings, we have added several products to our website, designwithmaven.com. From fun furniture to luxurious bedding to perfect party poufs (you’ll find out), we are rolling out a few of our favorite picks for spring! 

    World’s Away, a line we frequently showcase, has fine furniture of wood, metal, lacquer, mirror, and glass. The designs are modern and different for your home. The latest collection of World’s Away office desks are available for selection on our website. One of my favorites, pictured below, is the Brentwood gold leaf desk. This desk includes a beveled glass top and two beveled glass inset shelves with extra storage for desk accessories. As the glass tabletop accessorizes well with a light and airy workspace, the gold accents create a glamorous look for a cool home office.



    Bungalow 5, another brand we feature on our website has designs influenced by Eastern and Western classical archetypes. Whether your tastes veer towards a more traditional look or modern style, these pieces are versatile enough to slip comfortably into a traditional living room, modern loft, or a bright sunroom. Bungalow 5’s trademark is comfortable yet strikingly new.

    I am obsessed with Bungalow 5’s Romano side table in green, pictured below. Revamping a traditional mirrored look, the table is a nipped-waist origami box of intensely colored beveled glass triangles. The table is a bold, dynamic choice because its gemstone tones intensify when an angle “sees” itself in a facet for pure, rock candy color.



     Coffee tables, end tables, stools, and side tables with drawers are just a few of the options on our website. Go online today to revamp your bedside tables or add a splash of color to your living room with a new coffee table.


    Spring has awakened my intense longing for lavish linen bedding. The right bedding can contribute to your space in more ways than one, keeping you comfortable and cozy while also adding color, pattern, and texture to the room. We spend a lot of time sleeping, so it's important to invest in a quality bedding set.

    Featured this week is one of our lines of bed linens, Pom Pom at Home. Woven of Belgian flax, this fabric gets softer with every wash. Prized for its breathability and softness, linen keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the natural choice for the master bedroom.


     White linens are like having a soft white cloud surrounding you while you sleep. Clean white bed sheets make you want to jump in and cuddle up all day with coffee and magazines. The Pom Pom Lana Duvet Cover in white and taupe is 100% stonewashed with a dreamy and subtle peony design, being a fancy yet comfortable option for a lovely boudoir.



    Linens don’t always have to suggest a soft and luxurious white space. I like linen mixed with rusty, vintage-inspiring items. Adding some texture can offset a monochromatic room. Little details can make something simple feel luxurious. A great example of this is the Layla Collection from Pom Pom at Home. A lovely eyelet pattern creates an old-world romantic feeling. Charming with a contemporary feel, the duvets and shams are finished with tie closures.


    A luxurious, naturally breathable linen is timeless to work in any bedroom. We showcase both the Lana and the Layla collections in our store and on our website. Come by in person to feel the textiles, explore the elements, and make your bedroom the place for a perfect breezy nap.




    Spring is the time when the world comes filled with color and bourgeoning blooms. For those who dream in color, the C3 collection from Pine Cone Hill was made for you. With clean lines, top-quality linen and cotton fabrics, and details like banding in nearly a dozen fun and friendly hues, C3 offers endless layering possibilities. Shower curtains, bed skirts, bath towels, blankets, bed sheets, or duvet covers: you name it! C3 has everything you need to outfit your bathroom, bedroom or dorm room in a playful pattern and bright shades.



    With spring comes the therapeutic task of spring-cleaning. What better way to get organized than with Pine Cone Hill’s large assortment of Fresh American storage bins. Screen-printed in funky patterns and a large assortment of cheerful colors and sizes, these storage bins with built in handles are the perfect addition to making your home clutter free. This sturdy cotton storage bin, pictured below, featuring a fun pattern of dark grey dashes on a canvas background, is the perfect size for the bathroom, office or dorm room.



    As the weather gets warmer, the days are longer, we find we are drawn to outdoor living spaces, gathering together with friends and family for a backyard BBQ or casual cocktails. Wherever you sit, Fresh American poufs are the perfect place to park yourself for a party. Made of durable polypropylene, these fun indoor/outdoor seating options are ideal for the porch or patio, kids' rooms, even the boat!




    This season promises new beginnings and gives hope for renewal in our own lives as well. Spring is a time to replenish the excitement and zest for our lives, and our living spaces. By rejuvenating the spaces you live in most, you have the power to create a haven for yourself and your family. What is a home? It is the place you feel most safe, most cared for, and most loved. Home is the nicest word, it should also be full of the nicest surroundings.


    Check out the new stuff on the website and enjoy the next few months of gorgeous weather, new beginnings and unprecedented living spaces! 

    We hope that our Maven spring fever is contagious! 




    Posted by Rita Wasson