• Spring has sprung at Maven!


    That’s right, it's that season again, the one after Winter and before Summer, in which flowers begin to bloom, the sun begins to shine warmly again, and the whole world seems to spring into life, and change is in the air. Everyone has a favorite season and spring just happens to be mine.

    Here are a few of my reasons why.

    I love the changes that come with spring, the warmer weather, and the frequent rain, it’s such a beautiful time of the year, and it allows for a refresh! Whether it be your home or your garden, there are several fun ways to change things up for the spring!

     One way I like to get re-energized and ready for spring is Spring forward cleaning, spring allows for the chance to de-clutter and make room for this season’s new trends.


    Trend 1: Palette shift. this spring we’ve begun to see more natural colors mixing into a brightly colored palette like mustard yellows and muted blues, or yellow-greens and hazelnut beiges. 


    Trend 2: Au Naturel. The switch in seasons calls for a shift from the copper and rose gold trend, to more natural finishes, try opting for wood, or stone

    try complimenting them with wild violets, foggy greens, and bursts of colors you see in springtime flowers like pale yellows, and beaming purples.

    I love Spring flowers!

    I love putting flowers in my house in the springtime! Tulips are my favorite, because of all of the different colors and varieties they're so easy to place around my home.


    Trend 2: Chartreuse: With chartreuse being the color of the season it isn’t hard to figure out why we have been seeing more items that are this color, but when you see something printed in neon green, it doesn’t seem natural, until you notice the vibrantly green leaves of trees just coming into bloom. Using specific pieces to incorporate chartreuse into your house, instead of several in the same room will brighten up your home for spring instantly


    For a more muted green opt for Roost’s succulent candles, that are in store right now.



    Last and most importantly Eating outside!

    Trend 3: Fresh take on your patio.

    The best thing about spring is spending time outside. Sunday brunch on the patio, or dinner at night when you can fire up the grill, and everyone comes over. The kind of meal where we aren’t required to go back inside afterwards, and instead are able to enjoy each other's company.

     This spring try updating seating outside for the spring by mixing fun patterns together to update your patio 


    also check out our new patio furniture line, summer classics, perfect for your outdoor living space.

    Yes, Spring is the time of change, but not all changes have to be instant, there are several ways to get ready for all of the fun, and time spent with family and friends this spring. So invite spring into your home with Maven!






    Posted by Maddi Compton
  • Life isn't black and white, but design can be!

    Black and white, a classic design choice, has been around for decades. All creative industries can agree black and white is a winning color combo. Most people conjure up the image of a checkerboard print floor in a retro diner, or a kitschy kitchenette. Some picture an elegant foyer. Do you want a bright and dynamic space, or something quiet and relaxing? So diverse in its options, this color combination can achieve both. An eclectic element or the essence of elegance, black and white always makes an impression.


    Black is an indicator of power. It evokes strong emotions and sophistication. Found in many design choices for its boldness and simplicity, black has always been a steadfast selection. Black is the new black.



    White projects clarity, purity and cleanliness. White is the color of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean. It can be totally awakening, reflecting openness, growth and creativity.


    Designing with these two colors from the perspective of their individual design elements can be powerful. Having strong associations in the design world, using the two together can transform a room into a dramatic and distinctive space.

    White decorating ideas brighten up modern interiors, while black adds elegance, enhancing the balance of black and white room décor. The feelings they incite when used properly are not only visually stunning, but can also be very expressive. We design our homes to reflect our lives and ourselves. Black and white decorating ideas are amazingly symbolic, bringing together the north and the south, blending the day and night, positive and negative into fascinating designs.



     I find that lately I am drawn to black and white. I’m not sure if it is the stark contrast between the two, or the fact that black and white has always been timeless. It can be a challenge at times to make sure the right balance is achieved, which is why some people stray away from it. Too much black can easily overpower a room. Too much white can be bare.



    We are currently working on a project where maintaining balance between black and white is crucial. Helping tackle an entire house for a client, we are now concentrating onto the kitchen, the heart of the home. Using black paint to add subtle details, like the inside trim and panes of the windows, is one element added to this space. The kitchen island will be painted black, with white countertops. One appealing detail added to this kitchen is one that hasn’t been done often. Painted matte black, the vent-a-hood will hang over a black Viking range.

    Black bookcases with funky wallpaper designs lining the shelves will be the only other black added to the space. Everything else will be white; open shelving, cabinets, a rich marble backsplash, and stunning countertops.



    More details to come from this inspiring project. Hopefully you feel motivated to add black and white elements to your home or office space.


    Life isn't always black and white, but design can be! 


    Posted by Rita Wasson
  • Challenge the Status Quo

    Steve Jobs once said "If you don't love something, you're not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much."

    He makes an accurate point. Passionate people are changing the world, rebelling against the way it’s always been done.

    This quote is one that is near and dear to Maven.

    We are rebels! We are consistently pushing the status quo with our innovative concepts, design choices, and diverse products. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in our work.

    We feel that is important for your home to be your sanctuary. Cheerful colors, funky pieces and eclectic styling are just some of what we offer to ensure that your home is somewhere that inspires you.

    Being one of the most unique shops in Fort Worth, we are dedicated to continuing serving our community with excellent design and innovation.

    This week at Maven, our projects include: tackling our biggest design job yet: The Office. No, not the television show (though that place could use a major overhaul). We are so excited to be given the opportunity to make a workplace one that is fun and motivating.   

    Our inspirations for this contemporary office space are rich materials, modern linesdark walls and light flooring. 


    Elegant light fixtures and accessories will compliment the space. 

    New merchandise: We have received a lush collection of John Robshaw pillows. Known for his exquisite patterns and interesting mixes of colors, these pillows will make your bed or sofa a work of art. His pillows are hand-printed in India. 

    This week's featured item: LAFCO candles—in their fragrance, performance, and aesthetics—are designed to enhance the mood of a familiar, beloved space, and not overpower or interfere with it. 


    10. Custom pillows 

    9. Funkiest furniture 

    8. Adorable puppies

    7. Awesome Location in Fort Worth's Cultural District

    6. John Robshaw 

    5. THE best smelling candles 

    4. Great gifts for friends and family 

    3. 1000s of swatches to help with all your design needs

    2. You can follow us on Instagram @DesignwithMaven to get inspired for your next project!

    1. A stellar design team with knowledge and knowhow to help you get started on transforming your home into your dream house! 

    Posted by Rita Wasson